Fort Aguada

The interesting fact about Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is one of the famous destinations in Goa. It was established in 1612 to protect the Dutch and Marathas. The vessels which are coming from Europe stand here. Aguada, which means water, supplies the fresh water to the ships. The capacity for storing water is 2,376,000 gallons of water, the biggest storage of water in Asia at that time.

Aguada Fort GoaDo you know? This fort has two segments. Upper part used as a fort and the water storages of the water station, on the other hand, the lower part used as a safe berth for Portuguese ships.  The upper part has a moat, lighthouse, gunpowder room, underground water storage chamber; there was a secret place as well. At the time of war and emergency, the secret place was used. 

There is a four-story Portuguese lighthouse, built-in 1612. This is the oldest of its kind in Asia. The lighthouse abandoned in 1976. At the beginning the lighthouse emits light in every 7 minutes, then it increases every 30 seconds.

Aguada fort images

Fort Aguada was the most crucial and prized fort of Portuguese. Now it becomes the most preferable visiting place in Goa. At the entrance, we can see the water storage area.  Then the large area is open. We can see the lighthouse from there. We can view the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Sea from the edges of the fort.

Our Experience

Aguada fort goaWe went to Aguada at noon with the full sunlight. The open area was too hot. However at the entrance, as I already said there is a big tunnel, might be it was the passing is of water. Now it is totally dry. There are few gapping in the edge wall. It was the area where the guard can view the ocean to protect and get the information in advance if any enemy comes to them. There is a staircase to go down, but it was locked. We clicked some pictures of the lighthouse. We had some beautiful moments there.  

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