Mawlynnong is famous because of its two amazing and beautiful places. One is the root bridge and the other one is a clean village. People must be amazed to hear that the root bridge is a handmade bridge by Khasi & Jaintia people who lives in the Northern Indian state of Meghalaya. Another amazing thing is that Khasi Tribes have created the Clean Village of Meghalaya, they live in this village and this is the cleanest village in Asia.

Living Root Bridge of Mawlynnong 

Living Root Bridge is one of the most beautiful and amazingly created bridges by aerial roots of rubber fig trees. This Living Root Bridge a proof of man’s ingenuity, these bridges can be found in Laitkynsew village, approximately one and a half hours walk from Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort. The living root bridges are so-called because of their ability to keep on growing, bearing and shedding leaves as the seasons come and go. Nowhere else in the world do such bridges exist. Truly a feat of environmental engineering. Because of that, the two-tier living root bridges of Nongriat are bio-engineering wonders. These are the only existing double-decker bridges and are located south of Tyrna village in Sohra. The trek to the bridges is about two and a half hours of a steep descent. Along the way, one encounters four smaller living root bridges of different shapes and sizes. One has to traverse across an iron cable bridge hovering 45 ft. above a chasm of a roaring waterfall, whose waters are the color of jade. It is a trek where the experience will linger on forever.

 Mawlynnong, The Cleanest village in Asia

Clean Village

Another important visiting place is the Clean Village of Khasi people. This is the cleanest village in Asia. There are a few shops with beautiful handmade crafts and few food hotels are there. The total population of this village around 500. We had spent some quality time there and we prepared to come back Shillong. This place is 90km from Shillong.

How to Reach Mawlynnong?

By Road:-Mawlynnong is situated around 78 km far from Shillong. It takes 2 hours 20 minutes to reach Mawlynnong. Tourists can take a bus from the Shillong Bada Bazar bus stand in the morning and some private buses also available from Shillong. Anyone can easily get buses from Guwahati bus stand or Guwahati railway station.

By Train:- The nearest railway station to reach Mawlynnong is at Guwahati. The distance between Mawlynnong and Guwahati is around 172km, so it takes approx. 4 hours 30 minutes to Mawlynnong.

By Flight:- The nearest airport is Shillong Airport to reach Mawlynnong and the distance is around 104 km and also it takes approx 3 hours by road to reach Mawlynnong.

From Guwahati Airport to Mawlynnong, the distance is around 188 km and it takes approx 5 hours and 06 minutes to reach Mawlynnong via Shillong.

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