Science City Kolkata

Kolkata Science City is a city with different and interesting Science projects. This is the largest science center in India. Science City Kolkata is a place we can enter in two ways. If you want you can take the ropeway to enter into the science museum or you can walk away. Ropeway charges are below. Anyway, we walked into the museum and decided to ride the ropeway when we leave. We went there in the morning and visit the garden for some time. Then we entered into the main building where we have found two rooms which full of exciting things.

Major Attractions of the Science City Kolkata

We went there in the morning and visit the garden for some time. Then we entered into the main building where we have found two rooms which full of exciting things.

Free Attractions in the Science City Kolkata


First Room named Dynamotion. Here we find the different experimental things in a very light way. We get to know them below:

Science City Kolkata Dynamotion Room

  • How can force transferred into motion
  • Sound can reflect in the light
  • Vertigo Tunnel: Walk through the tunnel and check whether you can keep your balance.
  • Visualizing Sound: How can we visualize sound through the movement of strings in a drum
  • Infinity Well etc.

That was the first part. After that, we went to the first floor for the second part. First, an amazing thing we have seen. There is a rotational tube with an impossible mixture. The three liquids are mutually insoluble, just as oil and water, and have the different densities so that the heaviest one always settles at the bottom and the lightest one floats to the surface.

Science City Kolkata aquariumThen we went through a beautiful aquarium with different types of fishes. There is a section called ‘Power of 10’ where we witness views starting from 1 meter (10 degrees) scale, with the view of a girl swinging on a swing in the Science City park of Science City. The next image zooms to a view of ten-meter showing adjacent exhibits too. The zoom-out continues to view 100 meters and 1000 meter, then reveals the birds-eye view of Science City. Further zoom out brings out the images of Kolkata city, West Bengal, India, neighboring countries, Earth, Galaxy, group of Galaxies & so on.

Space Exhibition

Science City Kolkata space exhibitionSecond Room named Space exhibition. Here we can find many usual facts related to space. How to look at India from space, we can get it from here. And also the different looks of Earth in different climate and area, here we can get to know. And also the authority of Science City organized a show which refines how space looks like and they play the video of space and space ships to increase our knowledge about space.


Third Room named Reflections. There is an amazing mirror room. Some mirror makes me fat, some of it makes me short and some make me long and so on. It was really fun. There is a table surround with glass which makes me look like there is nothing under my neck. It was really funny.

Do you know? In Science, there is a Maze of Mirror where you can lose yourself

After entering the room there are two areas where two pieces of mirror. These mirrors placed in a fine way that looks my face splits in a few faces.

Maritime Centre

Forth Room named Maritime Centre. Here we can find the ship’s descriptions and the coal plants which were there a few years back. Science City Maritime CentreIn the middle of the room, there is a big dummy ship is kept. And there are some fine photographs as well.

Earth Exploration

Science City Kolkata Earth ExplorationFifth Room named Earth Exploration. After entering the room we can view a big Globe at the center of the room. Surrounding the Globe there are few displays with the details of various countries and their geographic area, languages and natural phenomenon. Two small globes are there, one of them plays the National Anthem of different countries after pressing one specific key over there and another globe exhibits the languages of different countries after pressing a specific key.

Science Park

Science City Kolkata Science ParkLast and Sixth Free Entry in Science City is Science Park. It is an amazing park full of entertaining rides and experimental things. Children can enjoy a lot with the rides and all the rides have its own explanation of motion like balance ride explains how the particular ride can balance with the same weight on both sides, another one explains Newton’s law that every object has its own motion until it stops by the external force, and the other one explains sound can create a motion in a particular object like pendulum, etc.


Here we can fun the day and also learn a lot.

Science City Science ParkLast day we went to visit Science City. The whole day we had a good time with intellectual and many unknown facts. It is located in the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass known as EM Bypass.

Other Paid Attractions and their details are as below

  • 3D Theatre                     – Rs.30/- Per Head
  • Time Machine                 – Rs.20/- Per Head
  • Rope Way                       – Rs.48/- Per Head
  • Science On A Sphere       – Rs.40/- Per Head
  • Panorama Show              – Rs.60/- Per Head
  • Evolution Of Life             – Rs.40/- Per Head
  • Space Theatre – 3D        – Rs.120/- Per Head
  • Space Theatre – 2D        – Rs.100/- Per Head
  • Road Train                      – Rs.20/- Per Head
Science City Kolkata Rope way

Entry Fee & Timing

Rates of Entry Tickets (Per Person):

  • Entry Fees: Rs. 60/-
  • Combo 1:    Rs.240/- (Entry, 3D Theatre, Panorama Show, Science On A Sphere & Space Theatre – 2D )
  • Combo 2:   Rs.260/- (Entry, 3D Theatre, Panorama Show, Science On A Sphere & Space Theatre – 3D )

Group Concessional Rates (Per Person) with Organised Group (25 Persons and more):

  • Entry Fees:                Rs. 50/-
  • 3D Show:                  Rs. 25/-
  • Rope Way:                 Rs.48/-
  • Space Theatre – 3D:  Rs.100/-
  • Space Theatre – 2D:  Rs.80/-

Few Instructions

  1. BPL Card Holders: Entry @Rs.5/- Per Person (On Production of Photocopy of BPL card and photo identity proof)
  2. Special Concession available for Organised School Groups
  3. All Tickets available only at the time of entry

Science City Parking Charges (Including of GST):

TWO WHEELER:         Rs. 30/-

CAR:                         Rs. 50/-

BUS:                         Rs. 100/-

Time: 9 AM to 8 PM

Science City Kolkata science exploration hall3D THEATRE SHOWS TIMINGS (Tickets are required for children above 3 years) NATURE’S WONDERLAND

Show Duration: 22 Minutes


11.00 AMLife of Trees 3DHINDI
12.00 NOONAsteroid Mission Extreme 3DHINDI
1.00 PMLife of Trees 3DHINDI
2.00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme 3DHINDI
3.00 PMLife of Trees 3DHINDI
4.00 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme 3DHINDI
5.00 PMLife of Trees 3DHINDI
6.30 PMAsteroid Mission Extreme 3DHINDI
Science City Kolkata Earth Exporation Hall


We had lunch at Science City. There is a canteen with Mughlai items, Chinese, Biriyani, etc. We had to purchase a food coupon first from the counter, then display the coupon in the respective counter. Then we got the food. We have a Mughlai Paratha, Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken. Altogether we spent around Rs.400/-. The food was average in taste, the quantity was good.


Address J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata 700046, West Bengal, India

How to Reach Science City Kolkata?

The Science City Kolkata is well connected from every major place in Kolkata.

By Rail: Park Circus station is the nearest station from Science City Kolkata. After reaching the station you can take any local bus to em bypass. It will take a maximum of 10 minutes. From Bidhan Nagar station you can take any bus towards Ruby Hospital to reach you in Science City. It will take 30- 45 minutes on weekdays.

By Bus: Science City is well connected to all major parts of the city. You can take public buses, minibusses, Government buses from there.

By Metro: Rabindra Sadan Metro Station is the nearest one. From this metro station, many buses are available to the science city bus stoppage. It will take 1-1:30 hour to reach science city.

Cab Service: You can take Ola, Uber and meter taxi almost every part of Kolkata to reach the science city.

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