goaGOA, the smallest state in India by area and fourth-smallest state by population, is a very beautiful place.  It is surrounded by Maharashtra on North, Karnataka on East and South and the western area is bounded by the Arabian Sea. This state separated from the Western Ghats. Here we share our experience of visiting places in Goa.

The region known as Konkan lives here. It is the most renowned visiting place visited by international and domestic visitors.  Panaji is the capital of Goa. In the early 16th century, Vasco-da-Gama was first landed on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Vasco-da-Gama was the first Portuguese who discovered the first sea route from Europe to Asia.  As per the Europeans, India was discovered by Vasco-Da-Gama. However, as an Indian, we can say the first European sailor came to India to introduce their land. It totally depends on the point of view of the existing country people. Let’s not involved in all this. Let’s see what we can explore in GOA.

Top visiting places in GOA

Aguada Fort Aguada Fort

Calangute BeachCalangute Beach

Chapora FortChapora Fort Goa

Baga BeachBaga Beach Goa

Candolim BeachCandolim


Our Experience

Goa is the state where we can find full of life. People are sleeping on the day and enjoying their lives at night. We went to Goa last year to fill relax from our stress full life. It was really fun we had. I and my buddy cum husband had a blast on Goa. We went there after visiting Mumbai. I have also explained my experience in Mumbai.

Goa is a small state and surrounded by lovely and beautiful beaches on the whole west coast of the Arabian Sea. Anjuna is one of them. Basically, Anjuna is a village placed on the North Goa. Anjuna founded in 1595. Nowadays it is popular for water rides like other beaches.

Exciting water rides in Goa & Our Experience

  • Banana ride: It is basically a longboat with three to four seats in the middle. We used to wear a life jacket. After sailing the boat within a few distances we feel a jerk. Suddenly we found ourselves in the Arabian Sea. I got shocked and then realize the waterman pushed the passengers in this way only and make us feel within the water. Really good experience. I cannot swim, but with the sudden effect and with the support of the life jacket I was swimming.
  • Jetski: Everyone already aware of a jetski. It was really fun. One representative is always there who drive the Jetski and you can only enjoy the moves.
  • Parasailing:  It was the main attraction which I had in my life. A person took us to a boat which was there in a little far from the beach. We went there by a speed boat. Then a person put on a parachute on us and released an iron rope. Then we were in the air. I feel like a bird and the whole world under me. That was the first time I rode on the parachute. Firstly I was nervous, and then everything went with the flow.

There is a market also and we had some shopping. I spent a good time on the beach with coconuts.


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